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An Orange Park woman died early Sunday morning after the car she was traveling in was rear-ended, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

The collision took place at about 1:54 a.m., near the intersection of Beach and Forest boulevards.

According to an FHP report, 24-year-old female passenger was in a Ford heading west on Beach Boulevard when another vehicle hit the vehicle from behind.

The technology used in our products has been developed in response to the market's increased demand for new products designed with safety in mind that increase's a vehicle visibility.




FACT: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that rear impact collisions result in more injuries than any other type of automobile accident.

A small price to pay

As you can see  by the chart below, Flashing brake lights reduce the reaction time of people driving behind you that means less chance of being rear ended, the price of the Blinking Smart Stop is a small price to pay for the damage and inconvenience that happens in  traffic accidents.

Studies carried out by Daimler Benz prove that peoples reaction time is quicker with flashing brake lights than without. The studies found that at a speed of 50 mph the increased reaction time reduces the stopping distance by approximately 14.5 feet, and at 65 mph by around 20 feet.

The Law Says: A vehicle must be far enough behind the vehicle it is following to be able to stop safely, even in an emergency. (Motor Vehicle Act, Section 162)   

How many drivers stay that far behind (its a joke) That's why there are over 2 million rear end collisions every year in the US alone.

    Protect you , your family  and your vehicle.

      Give yourself a chance, and avoid being a victim

In our busy world it is easy to overlook the importance of safety with ourselves, and our vehicles. Imagine how you would feel should a preventable accident happen to you or your family.  Our products are inexpensive and easy to install so why not order today. 

  Brake Light Pulser

Knowing you installed a Blinking Smart Stop will give you the piece of mind, knowing that you have done everything possible to minimize the risk of accidents.

The technology used in our products has been developed in response to the market's increased demand for new products designed with safety in mind.

Focusing on high quality and good credit, our Company has developed rapidly and steadily, and the quality of our safety auto accessory products that meet the international standards.

  Be Seen - Be Safe and avoid becoming a victim


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